August 12, 2011

2nd hand trimarans

We currently have three trimarans and a catamaran for sale. Register your interest and check them out here. They cover a good range from a lovely little 16ft Astus to a substantial V8, an ex-demo, 8m long catamaran.

P.S. I've nearly completed my blog about sailing the new Astus 20.2S in Cardigan Bay.

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March 29, 2011

Ex-Demo V8 Catamaran for sale

VirusBoats ex-demo V8 Catamaran is for sale.

Check out used sailing boats via the tab above.

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June 16, 2010

Blue/Grey Magnum 21 SOLD

This beautiful 2005 Magnum 21 trimaran has been sold. Owner says, "It has been a pleasure sailing this boat over the last 5 years..." Arthritis forced him to sell. Check out used boats for sale above for information about other boats.

Magnum 21 for sale

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August 18, 2009

Used Magnum 21 trimarans

I have quite a few used Magnum 21 trimarans for sale now. Check them out.

Here is a link that might help you in your search for a boat. It is an infant site at the moment.
Worldwide Guide to Marinas, Harbours, Ports, Yacht Clubs, Moorings & Anchorages.

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May 29, 2007

Used 16ft VirusPlus trimaran available

Rare opportunity to buy a used VirusPlus is coming up. Keep an eye on the For Sale section or call me on 0870 770 2728.

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January 22, 2005

Used Magnum 21 trimaran for Sale

The owner of this beautiful yellow boat is reluctant to sell as he loves sailing it but his children now want to do wake-boarding so he has to buy a motor boat, much against his better judgement.

The boat has no antifouling and has been kept out of the water and stored indoors each winter so it is in excellent condition.


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December 30, 2004

Ex-Demo Magnum 21 for sale

This Magnum 21 trimaran day boat is available NOW. If you want it at this bargain price we would recommend that you seriously consider paying a deposit for it now.

Ex-Demo Magnum 21 FOR SALE. Click to enlarge.


White EX-DEMO MAGNUM 21 with blue expoxy primer and antifouling. Blue flash in main sail.
2nd Reefing Point in mainsail (1st is standard)
Furling Gennaker kit (red and white stripes) with continuous loop furling line
Spinnaker Kit incl. bowsprit (blue and white star cut)
Telescopic Tiller
Braked Road Trailer with lights and suspension
Tohatsu 5HP 4 stroke outboard engine
Oarlock mount at stern.

2005 price will be 18,201.

SOLD. to the same school that bought the last demo boat from me. The head had been over 20 knots with 6 people aboard and 25 knots with his son aboard in a Force 8 gusting 9. He was so pleased with it he bought another.

New trimarans for sale page that should be easier to find than this page.

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