November 30, 2015

Magnum 21 for sale

2005 Magnum 21 trimaran for sale. 7,500.

If you are interested in this boat that is for sale for 7,500 please call me on 01244 676188 or 07985 043981 or use the Contact page.

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November 29, 2015

Severe Gale in Irish Sea & high tide at Liverpool

There was a severe gale in the Irish Sea today which, when combined with the high spring tide at Liverpool led to exciting waves along the promenade at New Brighton on the Wirral where I grew up.

My father used to take us kids down to see this spectacle whenever there was a gale or storm and we still remember dodging the waves. Nowadays I prefer to stay in the car but actually the wind direction today meant that the spray was directed back to the sea so dodging would have been a doddle.

Difficult to imagine that I sailed along here in a Magnum 21 trimaran about 8 years ago. Check out my earlier blog entries.

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