September 28, 2015

News Flash

Click the following link to see the new video of the Catri 25 hydrofoiling trimaran sailing on the sea.

Learn more about the TS515 Training Scull at Yes you can still buy on-line. But like I said, most people prefer to chat with me and send money directly from their bank to mine.

Watch some taster videos at and then enrol in Sculling Academy or at the very least buy my book, How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success by clicking this 1st link for the Kindle Version and this 2nd link for the paperback.

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September 23, 2015

Catri 25 in the sea

Here is the new owner, Matthias, of the new Catri 25 hydrofoiling trimaran going for his first sail in the sea.

It was very windy 20-23kn gusting up to 30kn, and he was reluctant to go to sea at all. So wisely he reefed the main right down. You cannot be too careful sailing in a new boat with which you are unfamiliar. Gradually, with experience, your confidence grows and you learn what your boat can do.

Although the wind was strong the waves were not high because the wind was coming off the land so there was not much fetch. Ideal conditions for sailing fast in a multihull.

But understandably erring on the cautious side, the boat only made 15kn this day. But better safe than sorry. More videos will follow.

Oh, and the boat is available for a test sail if you want one. Get yourself out to Latvia and give it a try before it gets too cold!

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September 21, 2015

21st Century Day Boats

Have you arrived in the 21st Century yet?

Check out this short (for me) video where I outline the recent history of the day boat revolution that took place around the turn of the century.

Prior to this time family day boats were slow, boring and uncomfortable.

But the new generation of dayboats are fast, fun, safe, excitng, trailerable and comfortable all because of some lateral thinking undertaken by the creator of the Magnum 21 trimaran, the late Noel Louvėt.

Then if you want to buy a modern day boat like these I describe then call me and let's have a conversation about your aspirations.

Go to this page for Astus Prices in euros. And follow this link if you want to learn why trimarans are so fast.

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