October 29, 2014

Drama on the High Seas - in a monohull!

In 2010 I was invited by Cris Trace to help an old mate of his, Craig Irvine, to sail his yacht, CLYDE, from Southampton to the Isle of Skye.

In previous lives Cris and Craig were both flying vets in "Zim"!

Cris had helped me sail my Catri 24 trimaran from Latvia to England in 2005.

Actually he joined me at Ystad in Sweden and left at Stellendam, flying to London from Amsterdam the day before the London bombings. Lucky escape!

"Lucky escape" seems to sum up Cris's colourful life as you will gather when he starts "swinging the lantern" (telling stories) in this entertaining video of the passage from Lymington, heading towards Skye.

You can read about this trip on my sailing blog.

But the story is not complete without this video of CLYDE'S PROGRESS, which I have only just finished editing as it was not a priority.

It's a documentary of the trip and lasts just over an hour but it is worth watching right through to the end.

Something went wrong pretty well every day!

There are many prophetic moments and Cris and Craig are very amusing.

Also I think that if you are not a sailor it gives you a good idea of what sailing is all about.

It was during this trip that I worked out why monohulls are so uncomfortable to sail on and it confirmed my hatred of this out-dated mode of transport. Way too slow and dull!

Give me a Catri 25 trimaran any day.

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October 28, 2014

Interview (part 5) with Aldis Eglajs

This is not the final episode. There is more! People, like you, interested in buying the new Catri 25 had posed many questions in response to my video request and survey.

So follow this link to the video interview of Aldis Eglajs, designer of the new foiling Catri 25 trimaran.

In the interview I came across a good question seeking comparison with the French Hydroptère. I expand upon Aldis's answer in the description under the video on YouTube.

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October 22, 2014

Interview (part 4) with Aldis Eglajs

Here Aldis Eglajs shares more insight about the new Catri 25 foiling trimaran.

In this, part 4 of the interview, Aldis addresses topics such as:

  • suitability for single handing

  • getting the boat ready for sailing single handed

  • key safety features

  • mast stability during folding

  • the ease with which the foils may be raised or lowered

  • and the profile of the new foils.

All interesting, cutting edge stuff, especially if you are a man!

In my experience most women will be more thrilled by the outstanding stability of this sexy looking new boat from Latvia.

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October 21, 2014

Interview (part 3) with Aldis Eglajs

Another part of the new Catri 25 trimaran puzzle. In this part of my interview with Aldis Eglajs he answers these questions and more.

What speed does she foil at?
What wave conditions can she cope with?
Can the boat be beached?

Watch this interview with Aldis Eglajs here.

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October 20, 2014

Interview (part 2) with designer of Catri 25

Here is the second part of my interview of the famous, Latvian, multihull designer, Aldis Eglajs, made during my recent visit to see the new Catri 25 and test sail it.

In this interview Aldis explains how the special shape of the amas (floats, outriggers) acts together with the specially shaped foils to stabilize the boat by eliminating pitching so that air flow around the main sail is kept constant.

Aldis Eglajs also touches upon fluttering. We know that in the early years he had to solve the problem of exploding rudders at high speed. The solution is ingenious but secret!

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October 14, 2014

Interview (part 1) with designer of Catri 25

Here is the video interview (Part 1) that I conducted with the famous architect and desinger Aldis Eglajs whilst in Latvia to test the new Catri 25 foiling trimaran, "Designed to Fly".

Sorry about the sound and video quality but we were pressed for time so had to do this on the fly.

Thanks to Julie for holding the camera!

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