August 30, 2013

Off to WORLD MASTER in Italy

I'm about to depart for Varese, Italy, towing a big trailer load of racing boats including my own single. I'll be racing on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th September. I'll be back on 12th.

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August 15, 2013


Slow progress with the prototype but the emphasis is on the production of a quality product.

Now you can see the hatch giving access to the companionway and also the portholes have been cut. This boat is much more shapely and sexy than was the CATRI 24 trimaran that somebody once described to me as looking like half a dustbin had been plonked on top. The new boat is MUCH prettier.

Have you ordered yours yet? No? Do it NOW!

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August 06, 2013

Astus 18.2S & 20.2S for sale

Check out this video to get a feeling for these boats then CALL 07985 043 981 to BUY or use the CONTACT button above to email me.

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August 04, 2013


Recent picture of the principle hull of the new CATRI 25 trimaran. You can clearly see the step above the waterline designed to keep the boat in foiling mode when sailing in a seaway.

Next operation is to cut the portholes.

If you would like to visit the shipyard with a view to purchasing one of these cutting edge boats please contact us.

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