March 22, 2013

Assembly of Magnum 18 or 21

Nearly time to get afloat and if you have forgotten how to rig your Magnum 18 or Magnum 21 trimaran or you just need a reminder of some part of the procedure then follow this link: Assembly & Rigging Instructional Videos and follow the instructions to gain access.

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March 06, 2013

Red & White Astus 20.2XL Trimaran for SALE NOW

Astus have an order from the USA that has been cancelled. I don't know why but this is an opportunity for somebody and that may be you.

So at this time they have in stock at the shipyard an Astus 20.2 XL trimaran (with the large cabin) (hulls formed by the infusion process) with hulls in red and with white decks and opening windows. The mast is in aluminium and the sails are in Pentex with sliders, but of course we can change these options).

So if you want a boat without delay, it’'s possible to deliver this one quickly. Go for it!

I don't have a picture of this boat but you can imagine it from these drawings. The first is of a 20.2S, with the standard cabin and the second of the 20.2XL with the larger cabin.


CALL +44 (0)7985 043 981 NOW to grab this opportunity and ORDER THIS BOAT.

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