January 14, 2013

HURRY, Hurry, hurry...

Order NOW for the summer. The AstusBoats yard is already booked up with orders till the end of May. So if you want a new 20.2 Trimaran, be it a Leisure, Sport or XL version, you had better act quickly. Call me NOW on 07985 043 981 or 01244 676188 or use the Contact button above.

A Bay Dream 5.5 could be ready for the end of April.

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January 13, 2013

AstusBoats are busy!

By the time I got to the Paris Boat Show Astus had already sold 5 of their brand new concept, the Bay Dream 5.5 motor-sailing trimarans, and they had so many orders for other boats, especially the new Astus 20.2 XL, that their order book was already full till April.

So, if you want one of their excellent trimarans for the coming season then get your cheque book out quickly and place a deposit to get yourself a good place in the queue. Easter will be upon us almost as soon as you have said, "Happy New Year". No point in waiting till you've finished skiing to start thinking about sailing.

Video of Paris Boat Show

Happy New Year everybody.

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