October 19, 2012

Larger cabin for 20ft Astus

AstusBoats is a company that listens attentively to its customers and each year sees the company creating a new trimaran that the market seems to be saying it wants.

The latest announcement is of a slightly larger cabin (and thus slightly smaller cockpit) for the excellent Astus 20.2 trimaran. It has been dubbed the XL for obvious reasons. And I think it looks great. Really nice proportions!

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And the practicality provided by this larger cabin is more space for larger people to sleep in, greater ease of access to the cabin (steps down and an opening hatch above). It is easier to move around once inside and there is plenty of storage space under the cockpit.

The Astus 20.2XL is thus particularly attractive to the British customer, not because of endemic obesity but because of the weather. The more northerly sailors prefer to have adequate shelter whereas the more southerly sailors want plenty of space outside in the sunshine, which you get anyway with a trimaran by virtue of the trampolines.

The very smart Special Edition blue and grey "RAID" boat based on the leisure version of the Astus 20.2 trimaran is for sale at just 26,800 euro (ex-yard in Brittany) but if you order at or before the Paris Boat Show (8th-18th Dec) you can have it at a special DISCOUNTED PRICE of only 25,700 euro. It has a self-tacking jib, two supplementary cockpit lockers, an interior galley block, a mainsail traveller, a pulpit with external trampoline nets forward (in case you slip whilst deploying or recovering the anchor) and also what amounts to a pushpit, backrests with straps across the stern. I think it is a really well thought out package.

If you only want to have a standard white boat then the cost of the "King Size" cabin is 1,850 euro extra over and above the standard prices.

To place your ORDER NOW please call 07985 043981. Build time is 6-8 weeks. We can arrange transport of your boat to anywhere in the world or you can collect. Please call for a quote.

Meanwhile this year's Astus 20.2S trimaran demonstrator is for sale now at 23,997. It has virtually all the trimmings; trailer, gennaker, 5HP engine, bathing ladder, mast transport and mast stepping system, bunk plank and mattress, spare wheel, anchor & compass. It is only six months old and it is already here in England. Again, call 07985 043 981 if you would like to BUY THIS BOAT.

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