August 10, 2012

I dunked my iPhone in the sea

Sorry if you've been trying to contact me. I was incommunicado as I absent mindedly left my iPhone in my pocket whilst I waded into the harbour at Port Haliguen to get the Astus 20.2 Sport trimaran onto its trailer and out of the water (I was trying an alternative approach). Needless to say the phone stopped working immediately so I sent it for repair but that didn't work so now I've replaced it and you can contact me on my mobile as usual.

You can still contact me using the Contact tab above or by calling on my land line 0870 770 2728 or 01244 676188 where I have been busy trying to catch up after my week away at Henley Masters Regatta (where I won sculling in my single) and then in France, where I was picking up a new boat from Astus and some rowing boat spares from VirusBoats.

I also woke up to a flat tyre the day after I got back :-(

It never rains but it pours! Talking of which... wasn't it wet in July? Same in France!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 02:26 PM