June 22, 2012

New Astus demonstrator

In a couple of weeks I'm off to France to assist a customer when he picks up his new Astus 20.2S trimaran and I am also going to pick up my new demonstrator of the same model and go sailing in it, in and around Quiberon Bay. The French don't seem to get taught at school about the Battle of Quiberon Bay that was won by the British, in much the same way as we seem not to be taught about the burning of the British Fleet in the Medway by the Dutch! Defeats are forgotten and only victories make the history books.

Anyway, I have sailed in Quiberon Bay many times in multihulls, mainly Magnum 21 trimarans but never for a whole week so I'm looking forward to cruising around it in the new Astus trimaran day boat (with cabin). I'll bring back fresh video and pictures and stories for my blog that you can delve into.

When I come back I'll arrive at Portsmouth from Caen at 0700 on Sunday 15th July. So if you are in the south and want to see the boat, feel the build quality or perhaps even have a DEMO in it then please do get in touch before I leave so that I can put you on my list and keep you informed. The last time I attempted this we had to call it off at the last minute because of gale force winds!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 02:49 PM