October 17, 2011

Customer praise of VirusPlus

Dear Steve,
I just thought I would send you mail to describe the thrill of trimaran sailing at 72. My biggest problem was getting the trolley across the beach. A friend solved this by getting me some old 6" gas plastic pipe and splitting it into 16 "troes".The boat just skimmed across these and I even had to put a rope at the stern to brake it going down the shingle. I've stern sheeted it with a horse arrangement to avoid fiddling with the tiller while tacking or gybeing.Getting it back up the beach with a winch was a doddle-whoopee!!. I was going to sell Triana but hope to keep going until my 80th now. Please use this comment to anyone or pass on this tip. All the best Patrick

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:55 AM

October 04, 2011

Test of Astus 18.2

Download a FREE test of the new Astus 18.2 trimaran by Multihuls World Magazine.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:36 AM