June 21, 2010

Round the Island Race in Magnum 21

Simon Creasey became the first Magnum 21 trimaran owner (to my knowledge) to compete in the Round the Island Race in a Magnum 21. These are the first pictures, and they capture the essence of the event, don't they? Lots and lots of sails.

You too could enjoy participating in the Round the Island Race in a Magnum 21 trimaran. ORDER YOURS NOW! Approaching the Needles in the 2010 Round the Island Race in VirusBoats Magnum 21 trimaran Looking astern during the 2010 RTIR.

I sometimes wonder if this straightforward anticlockwise race around the Isle of Wight were in the southern hemisphere, whether it would be sailed clockwise. Why do we run around athletics tracks anticlockwise and most of the horse race courses I can think of are run anticlockwise and does it feel unnatural to do this in the antipodes? I tried ice skating clockwise once in Paris and fell over immediately. The hoards of people skating anticlockwise at the same time might have had something to do with it! No doubt somebody can think of a clever answer to this conundrum.

But in the meantime, it's midsummer and there is still time to buy a boat for the summer hols. ORDER YOUR MAGNUM 21 NOW.

Photos of the Magnum 21 from ashore can be found at
and a slideshow mainly of monohulls flying colourful spinnakers during the run towards Hurst Castle can be seen at

I hope to have a brief article from Simon describing his experience soon.

And finally if you want to see where you could be heading when you start sailing with your trimaran have a look at this:

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June 16, 2010

Blue/Grey Magnum 21 SOLD

This beautiful 2005 Magnum 21 trimaran has been sold. Owner says, "It has been a pleasure sailing this boat over the last 5 years..." Arthritis forced him to sell. Check out used boats for sale above for information about other boats.

Magnum 21 for sale

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