December 30, 2009

Episode 2 of Atlantic Adventure

So did I sleep well in Ile d'Yeu. No. Not a wink. I had two sheet sleeping bags with me and really they were not worth the trouble of getting into them so I simply went to sleep wearing everything I had to wear. But it wasn't enough. I could feel the heat being sucked out from beneath me so I was up in the night trying to do something about it. I would have been better off sleeping on the concrete dockside which was still warm in the morning!

V8 sails.jpg

So as soon as we'd had breakfast and visited the capitainerie to pay our dues we sought out the local supermarket, "Casino", to buy a sleeping bag and camping mat. Then it was off the Les Sable d'Olonne, the home of the Vendée Globe, as that was going to be as far as we could get in the light winds.

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