July 25, 2009

Passage Planning for V8

Tomorrow I shall be flying off to Brittany again. This time to sail the V8 from L'Orient to the Gironde Estuary near Bordeaux for a our first ever race in this exciting catamaran!

As you may be aware from the video of the interview with Laouen de Kersauson, boss of VirusBoats, the builder, he invited me a short while ago to accompany him on this voyage.

I thought that I would be able to take yet more exciting video of the V8 (Credit Crunch Catamaran) and leave the hard work of sailing the catamaran and all that goes with a passage like this to Laouen and Phillipe but alas Laouen is not able to sail there with us and will have to join us there upon our arrival. This means a lot more work for me (which I stress I am only too happy to undertake) including planning the passage. Exciting :-)

Given that this is NOT ONLY the Atlantic Ocean that we will be sailing upon BUT ALSO the infamous Bay of Biscay and that there will be no boats accompanying us, we will clearly have to sail conservatively and cautiously and to think further ahead for there will be no spare crew member to call upon if things go wrong, as things are all too prone to do at sea!

Our route will be an island hopping one, possibly taking in Belle Ile again. Check out video below of our recent trip there.

But we'll definitely be calling at Ile d'Yeu and then probably Ile de Ré and then probably sailing under two huge bridges, one connecting Ile de Ré to the mainland and the other connecting Ile d'Oléron to the mainland. If we go this way then we have to venture out of the Pertuis de Maumusson over a bar that can be very dangerous if the conditions are wrong.

Fortunately, so far, the tides are looking good.

Once at Port Medoc we'll be taking part in the "L’Estuaire Challenge Multi 2009" over the following weekend, starting on my birthday, 31st July, before sailing back again.

I'll still have my mobile +44 7985 043 981 with me, of course, but I tend not to answer it immediately when I'm at sea!

If you are interested in buying a V8 and wish to sail back from Bordeaux with us, starting on Sunday August 2nd after the regatta finishes then please call me straight away.

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