June 26, 2009

Great day sail in V8 to Belle Ile

Close action video of sailing the new VirusBoats V8 catamaran, the Credit Crunch Catamaran, with builder and skipper, Laouen de Kersauson, from Etel in Brittany to the beautiful island of Belle Ile for the Christening of Laouen's baby daughter, Iria Flavia.

Jack Russell, Badjo, features with his favourite game, "Regardez Moi!"

This is the closest you can get to experiencing sailing the NEW V8 catamaran without going to France for a demonstration of this ultra-modern, exhilarating and liberating, 8 metre multihull that currently only costs from 37,584 + VAT. And the VAT is only 15% if ordered from Ahoy-Boats and delivered in the UK before the end of 2009.

Why not phone for a demo now? 07985 043 981.

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June 10, 2009

V8 test and interview

Over the spring bank holiday in May I went to France to sail the new V8 catamaran for the first time and she didn't disappoint. I interviewed Laouen de Kersauson, owner of VirusBoats and builder of the new V8 catamaran, the Credit Crunch Catamaran.

Laouen explained why VirusBoats decided to build this 8 metre boat, the choice of Julien Marin as naval architect and the reasoning behind some of the design aspects, such as the inversed, wave-piercing bow, the chine along the sides and the skeg; features that make the boat safe to sail with your family, durable and trouble free and yet light, exhilarating and great fun, which is of course the real reason why you would want one!

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June 03, 2009

Exciting Video in River Mersey

At last I have managed to get my hands on a little of the video taken last year when I circumnavigated the Wirral Peninsula in a Magnum 21, edit it and upload it to YouTube.

Yes this peninsula can be cirumnavigated! There is a canal from Chester to Ellesmere Port where the Manchester Ship canal offers access to the estuary of the mighty River Mersey. Some of the video was taken from a microlight but the most exhilarating trimaran clips, of sailing at speeds up to 12.5 knots, were taken from a launch kindly provided by Wallasey Yacht Club.

The winds were strong (hence the two reefs taken) and the water rough enough to inflate my life jacket during the first sortie into the waves at Eastham.

Helming the multihull in this savage river with its phenomenal tidal currents is Andy Todd from Chester Sailing and Canoe Club. Watch out for the Liverpool waterfront with all the new buildings before our exit into the Irish Sea and maybe catch a glimpse of the historic Leasowe lighthouse in the final shot.

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June 02, 2009

Porth Dinllaen to Trevor on Lleyn Peninsula

Warm, light winds, calm seas, clear blue sky and brilliant sunshine, ideal for a gentle sail with a non-sailor in a Magnum 21 trimaran along the beautiful coast of the Lleyn Peninsula, that part of North Wales that juts out into the Irish Sea. Sailing in a Celtic day boat beside a Celtic land; how appropriate! How many Welsh children know, I wonder, that the language of Brittany in France, Breton, is very similar to Welsh?

Between Trevor and Port Dinllaen are seven of the most beautiful miles of Welsh coastline. They are peppered with Guillemots that fly as penguins ought to, with very rapid wing beats. These little brown and white auks dive whenever we come near to any afloat. You should hear the cacophony as we sail quietly by the steep cliff where they nest in a great colony. Listen. Watch. Enjoy. And then think about the many places you could drive to and sail from with a trailer sailer such as this Magnum 21.

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