May 20, 2009

Review of Magnum 21 Raid

Here is a test by Multihulls World of the Magnum 21 trimaran too.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:39 PM

First test of V8 catamaran

The first press trial of the NEW VirusBoats V8 catamaran has just been published. It was undertaken in April.

 VirusBoats V8 Catamaran. Click to enlarge

I am off to France tomorrow to test the new 8m catamaran myself and to create some more video for you to watch. Watch this space in about 2 weeks time. It should be ready by then.

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May 13, 2009

Perfect Gybe

For those of you who have yet to discover the many clips of the Magnum 21 trimaran on this site, here is a taster.

Gybing with the spinnaker in a MAGNUM 21 trimaran looks easy! And see just how nimble this boat is. You would think that the helm is going to steer around the buoy in the picture but in fact the Magnum 21 stays on the same side of the buoy, spinning deftly on the spot and turning in its own length. This is because this small trimaran has a centreboard and because of the considerable rocker on the shortish outriggers and also the flatness of the planing principle hull at the stern. Multihulls have a reputation for being diffcult to turn (especially tack) but in fact it is mainly catamarans that fall into this category. This revolutionary French trimaran day boat by VirusBoats shows how clever design can transform sailing performance.

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May 03, 2009

IN & OUT Takes from Rigging Videos

I had to get IN and OUT of the boat an awful lot of times to make the videos about the assembly and rigging of the Magnum 21 trimaran day boat!

Follow this link: Assembly & Rigging Instructional Videos and follow the instructions to gain full access.

Next week I'm off to France to create a video of the new V8 catamaran, the CREDIT CRUNCH CATAMARAN. I'll still be contactable on my mobile phone except when sailing and flying. It will take a week, at least, thereafter to edit the video but it will be worth the wait!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 08:08 PM