March 15, 2009

1st Spring demo

Today I went sailing for the first time this year. Spring has sprung, the daffodils are up and the air is much warmer. The forecast was for light airs, which gave a perfect opportunity to try out all of the sails on the Magnum 21 at my favourite location, Beaumaris - the name says it all (beautiful sea).

First we beat up towards Bangor Pier and showed that we could go faster upwind with the genoa reaching 10.3 knots but not pointing as high. So after a bit of a play with the barber haulers to show the effects on the sail's trim we furled it again. Then we got the spinnaker out of its bag and had the usual fun and games getting it deployed correctly.

Once we'd sorted out the sheets we started by goose-winging downwind and then gybed to a broad reaach. The spinnaker is a big powerful sail that takes a lot of hanging onto when you approach a reach and we were tanking along again at between nine and ten knots and managed to reach 10.3 knots a second time.

We gybed a few times and sailed past close to the pier at Beaumaris so any onlookers might see the boat, which looks beautiful with her spinnaker up and she was indeed admired by somebody we spoke to in the café afterwards.

We were soon heading out towards Puffin Island but we were out of time and so so we beat back at between 5 and 6 knots with two of us standing on the windward float. This is only made posible by the extra shrouds that I had fitted to this boat, which you get as standard with the Magnum 21S and provide a greater feeling of security for the crew when out here. You can trapeze off them if you like.

Approaching the beach we furled the jib and, under the power of just the main sail, made a perfect landing.

A perfect day.

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March 12, 2009

High Quality Video of V8

Click on the HQ symbol in the bottom right had corner to watch in HIGH QUALITY. Then place your order! No time to waste. The season is upon us.

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March 04, 2009

Interview with

I was interviewed by about the V8 at the London International Boat Show in January.

You can view it here but if you want to view the clip at their web site, once there just click on the London Boat Show 2009 (10 filmer) button to reveal the V8 London Boat Show clip at the top of a drop down list of 3 of the films and then click on that.

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