February 27, 2009

Photo Gallery of V8

I've uploaded a huge gallery of photos of the V8 catamaran taken at the same time as the video. There are so many that I have found it impossible to choose which are the best and therefore worthy of uploading in higher resolution. So please vote for your favourites and I'll upload large versions to be accessible via the photos page so that you can see the detail. Please just email me with a list of your choices.

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February 25, 2009

1st Video of V8 under sail

At last, for all those of you waiting expectantly for evidence of the seaworthiness of the V8 catamaran, here is some video of her undergoing sea trials at L'Orient in Brittany.

Next on the agenda is to get some journalists to test the boat - they are queueing up, as you may well imagine. Then it is YOUR TURN. Book your demonstration NOW. Call me on 07985 043 981.

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February 17, 2009

Busy at the Birmingham Show

Ahoy-Boats stand at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself busy at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC today. As you can see I have on show almost all the boats that I sell, the notable exception being the new V8 catamaran.

This is the first time that the show has dedicated a hall entirely to boats. As it turns out the range of boats I am offering seem to be just the ticket and I had sincere enquiries about all of them.

Stand 1009 - Ahoy-Boats

The boats above, left to right, are Magnum 21, Yole Custom, Turbo II Classic (at rear), TS515 training scull, Magnum 18.

All the boats except the TS515 are offered at very special prices, never to be repeated.

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Magnums at Birmingham Boat Show

For the first time in England you will be able to compare a Magnum 21 alongside a Magnum 18 as I shall be showing both of these two trimarans, built in France by VirusBoats, at the National Boat, Caravan & Outdoor Show at the National Exhibition Centre THIS WEEK.

Magnum 21 at the show. Magnum 18

I'll also be showing three rowing boats, a beautiful red Yole Custom, a Turbo II Classic and an Edon TS515 training scull.

The Birmingham show starts at 10am on Tuesday 17th Feb and goes on till Sunday 22nd. This is probably the easiest show to get to in the country as the NEC is adjacent to the M42 motorway, Birmingham International Airport and Birmingham International Rail Station. I always find it a friendly show. Hope to see you there.

I shall not be showing the new V8 catamaran from VirusBoats that proved so successful at the Paris and London International Boat Shows. The V8 is undergoing extensive sea trials in Brittany in readiness for tests with journalists at the end of this month. Nevertheless I hope to be able to show some video of the new boat sailing that will not have been seen before. She was taken up to 18 knots without any difficulty last week. Do come along and chat with me if you are interested in this boat.

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February 03, 2009

V8 Christening Photos

Last weekend the NEW V8 catamaran made it onto the water for the first time. First reports are that she's an incredibly dry boat to sail because you are so high up.

1st sortie in the V8 catamaran

Not surprisingly she was able to sail a little faster than the wind. And she slices through the waves with her wave piercing hulls just as I had expected her to do.

It was stormy in Brittany yesterday so it was not until today that we were able to get some decent photos of her sailing.

Part way through a gybe with the spinnaker up.

Today the "test pilots" took her up to 15 knots and managed to get one hull out of the water. More to come. And she performs incredibly well upwind, almost keeping up with the motor boat on the beat back to the harbour despite the spreaders being too long, which prevented the jib being hauled in really tight. This is the sort of little thing that needs sorting out before we let customers loose in the boat.

William, Phillipe & Lauren

I asked how easy she was to tack as this is a question often asked by customers and I was told that it was a little bit difficult at first but with just a little practice it was easy. Keep the speed up (not diffcult in this boat) and tack slowly. Probably an over simplification of the requirements but I'll report more on this in due course.

The Credit Crunch Catamaran.  Only 37,584! Zipping along!

So far she is living up to expectations. The word most frequently used to describe her performance was "incredible"! Shame they forgot to take the video camera with them. It was left on charge at the factory in the excitement.

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