November 23, 2008

1st V8 Hull made already

The first V8 hull has been made and brought from the fibreglass workshop to the VirusBoats yard to be fitted out and made into a fully fledged flying machine.

First V8 hull ready to leave for VirusBoats yard. Special convoy Reversing into the VirusBoats yard ...STOP! 1st V8 hull arrives at VirusBoats to be fitted out Doesn't she look great? Beams waiting to be connected to the other hull when it arrives Starboard side

The story of this exciting new boat is unfolding. We've witnessed the conception, the gestation and now the birth. The next rights of passage will be the showing her off to lot's of interested people at the Paris Boat Show and then the Christening!

I am off to the "Sail, power and Watersports Show" at Earls Court this week. Come and talk with me about this beautiful creation. You can already see how efficiently VirusBoats have pulled this project together. They are past masters at it.

I will have on show at Earls Court a beautiful, blue, VirusBoats Magnum 18 trimaran, which is for sale at a saving of 2,735! This is the credit crunch trimaran! And it is the only one. At this price anyway.

I'll also have a couple of rowing boats for you to see, the VirusBoats Turbo II Classic and the innovative Edon TS515 training scull from Australia, both of which have sold exceptionally well in the UK. Come and see why.

At the London International Boat Show at Excel in January I will be showing the new V8 (credit-crunch) catamaran and also the VirusBoats Yole Custom, the boat that Noel Louvet started off the company with in 1993, which is still selling strongly because it is such a brilliant design.

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November 13, 2008

Trailer for V8 catamaran

The trailer for this boat has to be expandable. That is to say it must be suitable for trailing the catamaran on the road where its width overall must be less than 2.5m. Yet it must also allow for the catamaran to be assembled before launching.

The full width of the V8 then, with the wings, will be 4.7m. So this is a sophisticated trailer! The cost is expected to be approximately 4,000 plus VAT ex-works in France.

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November 11, 2008

V8 at London Boat Show

I have managed to secure a space at the London International Boat Show at the Docklands Excel centre in January 2009 to exhibit the exciting NEW V8 catamaran by VirusBoats.

At the Sail, Power and Watersports Show at Earls Court from 26th to 30th November (this month) I will be exhibiting a Magnum 18 trimaran, which was launched by VirusBoats 12 months ago so many of you will still not have seen it.

So Earls Court, stand N36 next to the Guinness Bar for the Magnum 18 in a couple of weeks time and Excel in January for the new V8 catamaran. Be there or be square!

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November 04, 2008

V8 hull looking sexy

Latest photos of the plug for the new 26ft / 27ft / 8m catamaran. From this plug the mould will be made and then boats can be made from the mould. The first boat will be on display at the Paris Boat Show (Salon Nautique) in early December. Quite a dealine!

Sadly I will not have one of these new V8 catamarans available to show at the Earls Court Boat Show, now calling itself the Sail, Power and Water Sports Show (Earls Court), which will take place between Nov 26th and 30th. I will, however, be showing a Magnum 18 trimaran day boat, also manufactured by VirusBoats. So if you did not see it last year, when I launched it at Earls Court or at the RYA Dinghy Show in March or at the Welsh Boat Show in Carmarthen or the North Wales Boat Show near Bangor then come along and see it at Earls Court.

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