October 28, 2008

Progress of new 8m Catamaran

This is the mould of the deck of the new 8m catamaran from VirusBoats.

The first opportunity to see this boat will be at the Paris Boat Show between 5th and 14th December.

In the meantime, why not browse through the CAD drawings that I have already posted here on my blog?

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:27 AM

October 16, 2008

New Catamaran taking shape

No more 3D CAD drawings like these.

The new V8 catamaran from VirusBoats is taking shape. The drawings have been digitally transformed in polystyrene to create the plug from which the mould will be formed.

Polystyrene blocks are digitally cut into shapes. The bow section of the hull of the new V8 catamaran. When all the sections are put together they make the plug from which mould for the hull will be made. And these sections when put together form the coachroof.

You can view more pictures by downloading this PDF file. Here are a couple of samples to whet your apetite.

Order now for special pre-launch price.

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October 09, 2008

More CAD drawings of new VirusBoats Catamaran

Yet more CAD darwings of the new catamaran from VirusBoats.

Download the PDF file of another 14 views of this exciting new development from VirusBoats.

This should be a dry boat to sail as you will be sitting some considerable distance from the water, the hulls are wave piercing and so pitching should be minimised and the shape of the coach roof and seat backs offer a lot of shelter.

Order now to get a special price. List price is intended to be 35,000 and if you order now it will be possible to get a special pre-launch price.

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October 02, 2008

New Catamaran

Here is a new PDF file with 16 pages within it of CAD drawings of the new Catamaran from VirusBoats. Download file.

The last few pages are blank but there are plenty of pictures to give you an impression of what the boat will look like.

Bear in mind that in each hull there is space for one berth aft and two berths, head to toe, forward so plenty of room for a family. Also there will be a head (toilet) in one hull and a galley in the other.

So this is a boat for fast cruising and family fun. A boat for exciting racing offshore; Portsmouth, Plymouth, Cherbourg, for example. A boat for sailing across the Irish Sea, the Channel or the North Sea. It is not intended for ocean cruising though, but no doubt, somebody will try!

It is unlikely that I will be able to show this boat at Earls Court as it will not be ready in time. Too bad. It will definitely be ready for you to sail next season though so get your order in now and get one at a special pre-launch price. The projected price is ONLY 35,000 plus VAT!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:20 PM