September 29, 2008

Log of Wirral Circumnavigation

I've now written up all four action packed days, July 31st , August 1st, August 2nd and August 3rd so you can now read about my adventure in the Manchester Ship Canal and the mighty River Mersey, the Irish Sea and finally the River Dee in my Magnum 21 trimaran. I've uploaded photos for the first 2 days to bring the subject matter to life and am now working on photos for Days 3 & 4. Eventually you'll be able to watch it on TV or buy a DVD. But don't hold your breath.

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September 25, 2008

New CATA V8 catamaran

Would you like to step up to a cruising catamaran but can't afford one? It's a huge step from a Hobie Cat or a Magnum up to a cruising cat, isn't it? The cheapest new ones are around 100,000 for something just under 10m long! Above that the sky is the limit!

How to bridge that gap? You could buy an old second hand one. They're tried and tested but most were born in the 80's and look exceedingly old fashioned. They are very heavy and consequently rather slow.

Well here is the answer you've been waiting for. It is an ideal concept in the current economic climate when many people are having to scale down their dreams to affordable levels. The all new 8m catamaran from VirusBoats, currently named the CATA V8. We'll see how long that lasts.

Take a good look at the latest CAD drawings.

You can see that the new shape of the keel will permit the boat to take the ground level without tipping forward and you can compare it with the long keel monohull shape that affords extremely good windward performance. This boat is going to be a winner. The press is already excited about it.

Be among the first to own one of these exciting new designs from the established stable of VirusBoats. Order one today and get a very special price. The boat is due to go on sale at something like 35,000 euros, which is already an unbelivable bargain-basement price but if you order one now then you can have it at a very good discount as well! Call me directly on 07985 043 981 and bridge that gap with a CATA V8.

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September 10, 2008

Circumnavigation of Wirral peninsula

I've now completed my log of the first day of this epic adventure and you can read it if you look at my blog entry for the 31st July, my birthday.

The photos are from my reconnaiscance and to see the real thing you'll have to wait until the video material is edited and broadcast. Don't hold your breath. I may make it available as a DVD beforehand and perhaps put something on U-tube. Might even write a book. But you read it first here.

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September 04, 2008

New 8 metre CATAMARAN from VirusBoats

Excellent protection offered by the superstructure

Take a look at these first computer generated images of the new 8m catamaran that VirusBoats is creating. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Note the plexiglass coachroofs which invite light to flood into the cabins

It is intended to follow on from the Magnum range of trimarans with the same programme. That is to say it is lightweight, fast, easy to sail, trailerable, eminently beachable and able to be sailed single handed or with a crew. But this new boat has accommodation so more ambitious voyages can be undertaken.

Of course there will be netting spanning the space between the two hulls and an outboard motor mounted on the aft beam, probably about 8HP

It is designed to be a dry boat to sail, hence coach roof, the cockpit seat back and the wings for sitting out high up. These wings will each be supported at their centres by a shroud from the top of the mast which will enable up to three people to trapeze at the same time so this should be an exciting boat to race.

There will be two head sails, a jib and an assymetric spinnaker or a gennaker, as yet undecided.

But at the same time this boat, in common with the Magnum range, is aimed to be appealing to the family. It will have accommodation for up to six people! In fact it is proposed that an optional tent to cover the cockpit will extend the accommodation even more!

The skeg or keel will be fabricated in an innovative way to enable the boat to be kept on a mooring which dries out without any problems

The boat is still taking shape and the keel will be different from the shape that is shown here but the concept of the boat is clear. It simply takes the Magnum concept and moves it forward to a bigger and more ambitious programme.

This is a boat for sailing across the English Channel or the Irish Sea, or around the Isle of Wight, ideal for weekends racing between ports or for relaxing in beautiful bays with family and friends.

I'm really excited about this new project and hope to be able to show one at the Earls Court Boat Show.

It is projected to be for sale at the really good price of only 35,000 plus VAT (ex-works) (for basic boat with sails). This would work out at about 34,000 incl. VAT at current exchange rates - staggeringly cheap! If you can find me a new monohull with this much accommodation and capable of high speeds, around 20 knots I imagine, then I'd like to know how much it would cost. A lot more than this I'd hazard a guess. And if you order one NOW we can negotiate an even better price, subject to certain provisos. Contact me NOW on 0870 770 2728 if you would like to be among the first owners, if not THE first owner!

As a footnote, you may care to know that this new catamaran has no name yet. So if you have an idea for a name let us know and we'll consider it.

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