November 27, 2007

Moonlighting Magnum 18

On Saturday by moonlight I left the VirusBoats boat yard in Brittany with the first Magnum 18 IN THE WORLD (and two yoles). I will be showing the MAGNUM 18 trimaran at the Earls Court Boat Show between Dec 1st - 9th. Do come along.

1st MAGNUM 18 trimaran in the world with a yole on top of it and one on my Toyota too.

List price for the MAGNUM 18 is 10,695 including VAT and including jib and main sail.

I have already posted some photos of the new trimaran. Have a look at this photo though. You can clearly see the major differences between principal hulls of the Magnum 21 and the Magnum 18.

I shall be taking the boat to Chichester Harbour on Tuesday 11th Dec for a test so if you would like to join me then please phone 07985 043 981 and put your name forward. Bring a Magnum of champagne with you!

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November 18, 2007

First Magnum 18 photos

The latest creation from VirusBoats took to the water for the first time on Thursday. Here are the first photos of this exciting new trimaran, designed to replace the aging VirusPlus 16, talking of which, I have a used one for sale at a very good price. See the boats for sale section.

I am going to France on Tuesday to collect one of these to show at the Earls Court Boat Show between Dec 1st and 9th. Do come and buy one. They are significantly fast and a stimulating and rewarding sail.

They are aimed at the small family with the shallower pocket and at the single-hander who might be intimidated by the 21 or 21S. Although they are obviously going to be very fast when close in shore on sheltered, flatish water, or on lakes they are nevertheless classified as unsinkable Category C boats so you can go up to 10 miles from a harbour in one, even in a strong breeze. And of course you can turn your beach trimaran into a day boat by the simple addition of a small outboard motor. The engine mounting is a standard fitting.

The one shown here has a slightly taller mast and bigger sail set than will actually be made available to the public because it was found to be too twitchy. But it is worth noting that the boat will nevertheless have a sail area to weight ratio that is the same as the Magnum 21.S.

Also the light wind sails will be different from what is shown here. It will be more similar to the Magnum 21 with a radial cut sail on the bow and a star cut asymmetric on the bowsprit.

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November 06, 2007

New CATRI 24 video clip


Just received a great new video clip from the new owner of TARDIS, the CATRI 24 that I sailed back from Latvia in 2005. She is now in the USA and John Morfit managed to get 19 knots from her on Chesapeake Bay. I usually found that when I was going this fast I was concentrating on sailing and not using the camera. So it is unsurprising that John's crew, Ivars, only managed to capture the boat at 14 knots. It's great fun, neverthless.

John Morfit wrote about this exciting sail:

"Jim Neeley, the funny man in the yellow suit, sails a Reynolds 33 catamaran (single-hands it in moderate winds, too). He was quite impressed by the stability of the Catri - he liked that. He also felt it to be very strong and rigid, not at all a "worrying" boat. He had absolute confidence in it, even as I was letting off the main to reduce power. He said he never had a moment of thought that it wasn't doing exactly what it should be doing. Meanwhile, I'm dumping the main to get back a view of the lee ama!"

I like quotes like this from experienced mulithull sailors. They carry much more weight than my own opinion.

John's initial comments in video about wind speed being 25kn are due to his newly installed Tack-Tick equipment not being set up correctly yet. This would be the apparent wind speed at the time he mentions it. You can tell this from the sea state, which indicates a Force 3-4 only, about 15 knots. Wind speeds did reach 25 knots later during the day and he did achieve boat speeds approaching 20 knots. It takes a lot of bottle to go faster than this and one has to become accustomed the fact that the boat is capable and happy at speed and also to be prepared to take a reef! The theoretical maximum speed is achieved (with the boat stripped out) broad reaching in a force 6 with one reef in the main and a furl or so in the jib. The apparent wind in these circumstances would inevitably mean that you would be close hauled.

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November 02, 2007

New photos of Magnum 21.S

I've just posted some new and exciting photos of the Magnum 21.S. Check out the 21.S gallery.

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