October 19, 2007

NEW Magnum 18 trimaran

VirusBoats announce that they will be launching a new trimaran, the Magnum 18, simultaneously at the Paris International Boat Show and in London at the Earls Court Boat Show.

To whet your appetite, I can reveal that the 18 footer follows the same lines, shape and style as the Magnum 21.S, but is only 4m wide, like the classic Magnum 21, and comes with options of gennaker and/or spinnaker. To find out more you'll need visit the Ahoy-Boats Stand (1H9) at the show.

Length: 5.50m
Beam: 4m when sailing and 1.70m on its trailer
Sail area: 18m2 - Options gennaker 15m2 and asymmetric spinnaker 18m2
Engine: 2 to 5HP
Weight: 200 kg
Homologation CE: Category C: Crew 3 adults - Category D: 4/5 crew (250kg)

And NO you are not losing your marbles. YES I did write the EARLS COURT BOAT SHOW. There is a new show at the old venue, which is where the vast majority of people think that the London International Boat Show takes place anyway.

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October 07, 2007

Light airs, single handing

Friday was such a fantastic day that I was determined not to slave over a hot laptop but instead launched the Magnum 21 single handed on the River Dee at Sandy Lane. Usually I have help but I often get asked what it is like to single hand this trimaran dayboat and although I have several customers who do this all the time I seldom get the opportunity to do it myself.

St Pauls Church on the River Dee from Magnum 21 trimaran. The new Diax sails look fabulous when backlit. John Browne took this photo with his phone from the bottom of his garden as I beat gently by with the genoa telltails streaming nicely. They're just visible in this shot.

Needless to say it was easy. The winds were so light that they were almost none existent as you can see from these photos but nevertheless the Magnum 21 was manouevrable and managable on my own. I was even able to tack with the genoa. Everything I normally do with a crew in fact.

I stopped by the Blue Moon Café for a coffee and berthed at the Grosvenor Rowing Club stage.

Berthed briefly at my rowing club. The genoa with the wind from the stern momentarily filling it.

But I prefer company when I'm sailing and during the day was able to offer a little sailing to a couple of local friends who happened by.

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