July 27, 2007

Rhos on Sea from a Magnum 21

Yesterday there was a small window of oportunity to provide a demonstration at Rhos on Sea for a customer. There was a lull forecast around midday, which would give ample opportunity for this couple to familiarise themselves with the boat before the wind returned to permit a fuller test of the boat's abilities.

And now that I have a waterproof digital camera that I am prepared to use in wet conditions you may share the experience of sailing along at about 9 knots on a rather grey day.

Nicole and Barry sailing on Colwyn Bay in Magnum 21 trimaran

Click on the thumbnail to see the video.

Barry is an instructor and showed great patience and empathy with Nicole who is visually impaired. She was sensitive to the boat and was making very perceptive remarks about how the boat felt to her. It was a privilege to sail with them both. We managed 11.4 knots downwind and 7 knots when close hauled. But I'm sure we could have gone faster had we been able to stay out longer.

As the summer progresses, I hope to get some better video clips from within the boat for my readers.

When we'd finished it only took us half an hour to pack the Magnum 21 away ready for trailing, which compares favourably with the two hours that Barry said it takes to rig his Tornado catamaran.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:05 PM