September 26, 2006

TARDIS now in Pwllheli

I moved TARDIS today as there is bad weather looming for the next couple of days and I am busy already at the weekend. I need to clean her after her spell on a mooring at Abersoch and check her over. Call me on 07985 043 981 if you want a demonstration and we can look at the forthcoming weather, next week.

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September 24, 2006


Thanks to everybody who turned up at the Southampton International Boat Show to see the Magnum 21S trimaran that I was displaying or to talk with me about the Catri 24. I felt that the show was a good one for me. The weather was great except for just one wet morning and the new assembly system and the 21S were both extremely well received.

I shall be leaving that Magnum 21S in Southampton initially whilst I return home to Chester.

During the week I can forsee that I may be able to give a demonstration of the CATRI 24 at Abersoch on Thursday if the weather is OK. If I can, I will take TARDIS from Abersoch to Pwllheli. However, the harbourmaster says that the harbour is full for the time being so I may have to take her elsewhere or take her off the water altogether. I shall be planning this on Monday and Tuesday. If you wish to be the lucky person who gets the demo then please call me on Tuesday. A contribution to expenses will be welcomed.

The following week (the first in October) I hope to return to the south coast briefly to meet up with some journalists so there will be an opportunity to try out the MAGNUM 21 for those down south, weather permitting. But I will plan my visit to coincide with good weather, during the working week, hopefully. I will keep you posted on this weblog. call me if you are interested.

I have a demo to do in Pembrokeshire and then all others will be in North Wales.

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September 10, 2006

Southampton Boat Show

Magnum 21 on show at Southampton INternational Boat Show

I shall be showing a beautiful Red and White Magnum 21S similar to this classic Magnum 21 at the boat show this year. It will have a gennaker like this and a bowsprit ready for a spinnaker, should you want one. You can buy it now or wait till you see it at the show, provided nobody has beaten you to it. It is the latest model with the new quick and easy assembly system.

Show starts on Friday 16th at 10.00 am (for those who prefer to pay more for a quiet day at the show along with the press). Normal prices from Saturday till the show closes on Sunday 24th.

My existing demonstrator is for sale at a good discount. See boats for sale.

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September 04, 2006

Magnum 21.S customer feedback

Hi Stephen

I have put my Magnum 21S through its paces in all conditions except sunshine and Force 1.

Excellent 40 mile trip round Tory Island, 7.5Knots close hauled into 8ft breaking swell is very exciting.

15 knots on a close reach and following swell in a force 6 a couple of nights ago; I am very glad that I got the second reefing eye put in the main. I took a Dracombe lugger sailor with me and soaked him to the skin, but he has been grinning like a cat for 48 hours.

I might even invest in a spinaker next season.

All the best

Ron Thompson

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:27 AM