March 16, 2006

Trailing TARDIS

Is it a plane? Is it a hovercraft? Is it a space ship?

Click this image to enlarge.

No it's TARDIS hovering above her new Brenderup road trailer suspended by a crane at the Shipwright Steps in Poole.

Simeon Penn was very helpful fitting the new Brenderup trailer to the boat.

Simon adjusting the trailer to fit TARDIS

So whilst Ellen McArthur was transporting the B&Q trimaran Castorama on a ship to the far east at great expense I was towing TARDIS, the only hydrofoil CATRI 24 trimaran in the UK, on her first journey by road through England from Poole to Chester.

She will stay here whilst I check her over after a winter at Poole Quay Boat Haven and prepare her for the coming season.

How did she behave on the trailer? Really well. I have to admit that being three times the weight of a Magnum 21 trimaran she dwarfed my Toyota RAV4 and we had difficulty getting above 50mph until we got the wind behind us on the M54. (Perhaps I need a diesel.) But handling was no problem.

The next everyday tasks that I need to attempt with TARDIS are launching and recovery from the trailer whilst folded!

My experience with the Magnum 21 trimaran is that these processes of rigging and launching, recovery and derigging take forever at first and with practice become ever easier to perform. I have had the preparation of a Magnum 21 down to 10 minutes and that was before the slick, new 2006 system was introduced. The CATRI 24 will inevitably take longer but we have already slashed the time it takes to get the mast down from all day at the first attempt to an hour and a half yesterday.

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March 12, 2006

Log of Latvian trip finished

At last I've finished writing up the log of our delivery voyage in TARDIS from Latvia to Dover. I still have lots of photographs to upload which I will do in the fullness of time. The latest entries can be found here. The beginning of the journey in June 2005 can be found here. Remember that the diary is listed with the most recent entry showing at the top of each page.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:01 PM