January 28, 2006

Magnum 21 folding video

I know its not strictly folding, more a sort of squeezing the trimaran. Perhaps some kind person can offer me a more appropriate term to describe the 2006 method of putting the Magnum 21 away. Anyway here is a better quality, brighter, video clip of the process than the one I uploaded in December.

As you can see it is very simple. All that is required next is to close the clamps onto the float and you can drive away. No lifting, no strapping on, no checking and double checking. This is definitely in line with the VirusBoats philosophy of ease of assembly and ease of use leading to an increase in use of your boat.

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January 25, 2006

Multihull Review article

An article about the CATRI 24 has just appeared in the magazine Multihull Review. It is written by Dr. Cris Trace, the 69 year old, retired vet from South Africa who helped me sail TARDIS from Ystad in Sweden to Stellendam in the Netherlands en route from Latvia to England.

It makes a good read. Cris has kept a diary all his life and his children have often tried to persuade him to publish it.

Cris busy writing his diary down below in TARDIS

He told us some great stories on the trip about is early flying days and his sailing experiences. I guess he is just too busy living his extraordinary life to take time out to edit it into a biography.

Mutilhull Review is out now and you can order your copy from:

Mutilhull Review
Regus HouseGeorge Curl Way
Southampton International Business Park
SO18 2RZ
Tel 02380 302028

If you want to read my log of the journey go to 9th June 2005 in this weblog which is where it starts. Bear in mind that it is shown in reverse order, most recent entry first. As of yet I have not finished it. It seems to take longer to write up than it did to do the journey.

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January 19, 2006

NEW TS515 Training Scull

Ahoy-Boats has been appointed sole importer for the EDON TS515 TRAINING SCULL from Australia.

This is an exciting, innovate boat in line with all of the boats that we sell. It is made from durable modern materials, has removable stabilisers (turning it into a mini rowing trimaran for those learning to scull) and quick release riggers for easy transport and storage.

I have one being flown over for the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show at the NEC, Birmingham, which takes place 18th-26th February 2006. Come and see us there and place your order.

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Innovative Boat of the Year

The VirusBoats MAGNUM 21 trimaran was nominated for the IPC Media "Innovative Boat of the Year Award". The results were announced at the 2006 London Boat Show on January 6th and the award went to a motor boat, sadly.

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January 16, 2006

New VirusBoats Magnum 21 prices

The 2006 price list is now available. To gain access to this please contact us. I like to know that you are enquiring about the boats I sell and if possible to have a chat about them with you.

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January 07, 2006

London Boat Show

Yesterday I popped down to London to have a look round the London Boat Show as, this year, Ahoy-Boats is not exhibiting there. Instead I shall be taking more space at the National Boat, Caravan and Outdoor Show in Birmingham at the NEC from 18th - 26th February, a much better time for a boat show and much easier to reach by road, rail or air.

London looked much the same as usual except that this year there were no trimarans to be seen at all, as I was not there to exhibit the VirusBoats Magnum 21 nor the CATRI 24 and the other trimaran manufacturers' representatives had given it a miss also.

It seems evident to me that the best boat show for exhibitors and buyers alike is the Southampton Boat Show in September where there is a much wider choice of boats to view and as it is outdoors they can be shown in all their glory, full masts an all.

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