December 09, 2005

2006 Magnum 21 refinements


At the Paris Boat Show VirusBoats have anounced some exciting developments in the Magnum 21 trimarans. The main thing is a dramatic improvement in the packing of the boat, which will reduce the time required for assembly by about half. This is in keeping with the VirusBoats philosophy that boating time should be maximised and rigging time minimised. The floats are no longer to be stowed on top of the principle hull and secured with straps. Now, with the new system, the floats are simply pushed along the beams and up against the main hull and the tubes are then removed in seconds. Watch this video clip of the Magnum 21 trimaran being folded.

This folding system will also be used on the 2006 Magnum 21.S trimarans. The old system of strapping the floats on top of the boat for transportation will still be available as a no cost option for those who anticipate problems with narrow access.

Other improvements in the boat are to the hatches, both the forward one and the aft one.

The new racing rudder made from fibreglass has arrived and VirusBoats have at last come up with a way of cleating the spinnaker sheet that is easy to release. Up till now the company has always said that if you cannot hold onto it then you have too much sail up. Whilst this was safe it was frustrating to those who wanted more performance. This new cleat may be retrofitted.

Finally I took a photo of the lazybag to show the correct method of securing it.

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December 02, 2005

Paris Boat Show

Having replaced my lost passport today within 5 hours (pretty good service) I'm off tomorrow to Paris to see what developments VirusBoats are announcing at the show. I believe there are some modifications to the Magnum 21 range for 2006. I'll be back in the office on Wednesday and will post news here when I return.

Meantime I am still contactable on my mobile 07985 043 981.

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December 01, 2005

Log of voyage from Latvia

The log of the delivery voyage of CATRI 24 trimaran TARDIS from Latvia to England starts on 9th June 2005. You can click on June 2005 in Archives and scroll to bottom of the page as the log entries are ordered with the most recent at the top.

It is not yet completed up to date but I'm working on it.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:04 AM