March 24, 2005

New pictures of the Magnum 21S

Check out the new mouth-watering pictures of the magnificent Magnum 21.S. We had to wait for the right weather conditions to get these but it was worth the wait.

To book a trial, phone 0870 770 2728.

Meantime I am off to sail from Rhos-on-Sea tomorrow. Probably will go round the Great Orme to Puffin Island and anchor for lunch.

Quick change of plan. As the wind will back from SW to SE we're going to sail from Beaumaris to Llandudno and back, otherwise we would spend the day beating against the wind. This way we can use the spinnaker lots :-). This is the sort of change of plan that you can make at the last minute with a trailer sailer such as the Magnum 21.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:19 AM

March 16, 2005

9 knots on the jib alone!

First Magnum 21 trimaran demonstration of the season took place today in a force 6 off Rhos-on-Sea. We had a problem with a batten near the top of the sail poking through the sail where it shouldn't have been. This was a new sail and I hadn't noticed that the batten wasn't seated properly whilst I was hoisting the main so we had to drop the main in case of further damage in the strong winds (gust up to 40 knots).

So we sailed on the jib alone and made 9 knots anyway. Only things we couln't do were beat effectively and tack. So we reached and gybed. We dared not run with the wind as we made 4 knots under bare poles after we'd furled the jib and if we'd left the sail up we'd have been at Heysham by tea time. It's on occasions like this that you're glad of the engine to get you back home. Thank goodness for Tohatsu's Japanese reliability. It started first time.

The customer was thrilled and has placed an order.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:53 PM

March 11, 2005

April Demos in Cornwall

I shall be going to Cornwall for a reunion of my University rowing crew on the weekend of April 9th. If you come from that area and would like a demo of the Magnum 21 then PLEASE CALL ME on 0870 770 2728. I shall be bringing a Magnum 21 down with me from Chester and I can either arrive a bit early and demo on Friday or stay a bit longer and demo on Monday or even Tuesday if there are sufficient takers.

The tides being springs that weekend are not conducive to sailing from Padstow, near where I shall be staying, so I propose to sail from Falmouth using the town slip to launch the boat.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:28 AM

March 04, 2005

Trailing & Launching Magnum 21

The section on trailing & launching within the galleries of the Magnum 21 section of the site has been improved with a few more pictures.

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March 01, 2005

Insuring your Magnum 21

My latest customer has found a good deal at:

John Bannerman Ltd
Peek House
20 East Cheap

Tel: 020 7929 3400

Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:55 PM