January 22, 2005

Used Magnum 21 trimaran for Sale

The owner of this beautiful yellow boat is reluctant to sell as he loves sailing it but his children now want to do wake-boarding so he has to buy a motor boat, much against his better judgement.

The boat has no antifouling and has been kept out of the water and stored indoors each winter so it is in excellent condition.


Posted by Stephen Walker at 07:25 PM

January 18, 2005

Magnum 21 exceeeds 25 knots!

On the day that the London Boat Show started a customer telephoned me to say that he and his son had been out in a standard Magnum 21 in a Force 8, gusting 9, on Kielder Water, a large reservoir (so no tidal assistance) in the far north of England, and had achieved speeds of 25 - 26 knots, according to his GPS.

We already knew that the boat was capable of achieving speeds of 20 - 22 knots in force 7. However, few customers are brave enough to go out in this sort of weather.

What this shows is not so much how fast the boat is but how big the margin of safety is when sailing in normal weather conditions. Most of us who go out in what we would term "good sailing conditions" should be sailing in the 10 - 15 knots range.

The owner of this boat told me when I delivered his second Magnum 21 (as he is so pleased with the first) that he has done 20 knots in it with 6 people on board. He does not reef the main sail except when he has children on board and it is very windy.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:24 PM