May 26, 2004

Away in France

I'm away at VirusBoats in France from 27th May to 2nd June. I'll be working. Hope you enjoy your bank holiday weekend everybody.

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May 20, 2004


I never saw Colwyn Bay looking more Mediteranean than on Sunday last. There was no wind but a light haze and the Irish Sea looking like glass. With brilliant sunshine there was the likelyhood of a sea breeze later so we put the Magnum 21 together under the close supervision of some inquisitive local residents. After a short initiation to the boat with main and jib we got the gennaker out for a little more speed and set about the spinnaker. And sure enough as soon as we launched it the wind died away to nothing.

Fortunately the tide was running in the direction we wished to go so we drifted past Llandudno and half way along the Great Orme we could see that there was wind at the end of it. We fired up the motor so that we could catch it for a quick sail before it too died away.

We hurried past the old lighthouse made famous by Two Fat Ladies, caught up with the ripple on the water and sure enough we were able to do 3.5 knots running and eventually 5.6 knots reaching. We practised a few gybes then decided to head back as wives were phoning complaining that a dozen guests were expected in half an hour for a Bar-B-Q, which interestingly comes from French and not Australian. Les Francais would roast their pigs from beard to tail - barbe queue.

The Gennaker proved a worthy sail for beating back but it was the wind that beat us eventually and we had to use the 6HP engine to give us 7.5 knots or we would never have got back at all.

The demonstration was completed with the successful tripping of the cleats holding the centre board and the rudder down when we strayed too far in land and went over some foul ground. Gave us all quite a fright but no damage was incurred. Very resassuring to have that extra metre of retractable draft so you can still sail away from trouble.

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May 14, 2004

Demo at Rhos-on-Sea, Sunday

I'll be at Rhos-on-Sea, Colwyn Bay, early on Sunday 16th for a demonstration of the Magnum 21. If you too would like a demo then get in touch with me on 0870 770 2728.

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Magnum 21 craned in at Lowestoft Show

You won't get to see a Magnum 21 from this angle very often.
The crane driver remarked what lovely lines it has.

The show was a success with 15,000 visitors. But would have been an even greater success had it not uncharacteristically rained all weekend.

I gave a couple of good demonstrations over the weekend and had time to go out single-handed also. Max speed achieved was 11.8 knots in a good force 3.

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