March 27, 2004

Off to coach rowing in Bordeaux

I am off to Bordeaux on Monday 29th March for a week coaching Manchester University rowing in the sunshine. I will have my mobile phone with me (07 985 043 981) but I will not have my computer. So please bear with me if I am unable to deal with your enquiry as efficiently as normal.

The web site enables you to order boats on-line if you wish and you can pay by debit card. This will get any boat you order on the order books at the factory and into the queue. Don't wait for my return if you wish to buy now. The sooner you order the sooner you get your boat.

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Trimaran trailing essentials

I have created a new page about trailing the Magnum 21 trimaran. The pictures should be self explanatory and there are some comments that should help you to make the load safe for towing. The most important of these is how to secure the floats so that they do not come loose under heavy braking.

I shall be expanding this page as time permits.

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March 18, 2004

Trimaran beach launching trolley

VirusBoats have announced a new trolley for manually launching a Magnum 21 trimaran on soft sand. Price yet to be fixed but probably similar to the tractable launching trolley without suspension, brakes or lights.

This trolley is for those intending to keep their trimaran on or close to a beach where vehicles might get stuck on the soft sand or loose gravel.

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March 16, 2004

Trimaran coming to London

I shall be fetching a Magnum 21 trimaran to London with me this coming weekend 19th-21st March 2004. I have four crews from Manchester University Boat Club rowing in the Head of the River Race on the Thames on Saturday afternoon and, as their head coach, I want to watch them perform. If the results are anything, like as good as last week's North of England Head then I shall be delirious.

There will be gaps in my weekend and if you would like to see the boat then contact me on 0870 770 2728 or my mobile 07 985 043 981 and we'll try to arrange to meet up.

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March 10, 2004

Trimaran regatta

Every year VirusBoats organises a gathering of VirusBoats trimaran owners and we all go for a day sail together. We have found that Quiberon is an excellent site as it is protected from the worst of the Atlantic swells and one can sail from there on almost any occasion.

The French National Sailing School is situated at Port-Haliguen on the eastern tip of the Quiberon peninsula (presqu'Ile - nearly an Island, as the French so elegantly put it) and this is where we sail from. Sometimes we sail to the Island of Ouat and sometimes we don't. Last year we sailed at fantastic speed across Quiberon Bay to Carnac. This is the trip that is covered on the video that you may have seen on show at the London Boat Show. There was a good force 5 blowing and we had a terrific sail. Smiles all round!

The Bretons are very hospitable and we have lunch on a beach and then in the evening we have a big meal with Breton dancing and singing. The occasion has a strong cultural feel.

This is a very good occasion to collect a boat if you have ordered one. Instead of having it delivered to England, Ahoy-Boats will pay for you to have a nice little holiday and collect your boat at the same time. We will cover your ferry costs and accommodation in Quiberon.

If you have not already ordered then NOW is an excellent time to do it. Delivery for a Magnum 21 trimaran is currently 8 weeks and the Quiberon weekend jamboree takes place on the last weekend in May, the Monday following being a public holiday in France.

The general form for the weekend is for everybody to arrive on the Saturday and get their boats ready. Then we sail all together on Sunday and celebrate in the evening. Then departure takes place at leisure on Sunday or later if you wish to stay longer.

Call me on 0870 770 2728 if you would like a copy of the video on CD-ROM. Both the Magnum 21 and the VirusPlus are shown on it. There are some clips here.

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Check out the VirusBoats Magnum 21 - assembly instructions to find a new and better picture of how the cunningham should be used to tension the luff of the main sail. There is also a picture of how I used to recommend doing it which is now labeled as the WRONG way. Hope these help you.

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March 08, 2004

Trimaran Demonstrations

I am hoping to start giving Magnum 21 trimaran demonstrations soon, now that the weather seems a bit kinder. I shall be going south to London for the Head of the River Race on Saturday 20th March and hope to be able to fit in some demos around then.

Anybody keen to buy this year and wishing to have a demo should contact me by telphone on 0870 770 2728.

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trimarans and rowing boats

Announcing new Ahoy-Boats web site multihull sailing & rowing boats for sale - from VIRUSBOATS to draw together all the VirusBoats that Ahoy-Boats sells into one place and provide a site for weblogs on rowing and sailing.

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March 06, 2004

Sailing Today

Today would have been a good day for sailing. But I went rowing instead.

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