September 18, 2017

Who Will Win This Mixed Double Race?

On the final day of the WORLD Rowing Masters Regatta at Bled in Slovenia there is only mixed racing. My regular training buddy, Diane Moore, and I won F doubles last year in Copenhagen and so we tried to repeat this performance this year.

Watch the drama unfold in this video. The race is in the second half of the video but there is drama before the race too. And there is a post script at the very end which highlights a very rare event that took place during our race.

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September 14, 2017

My race at 2017 World Rowing Masters Regatta, Bled

Here is my race in G singles at Bled, Slovenia, known to be one of the most beautiful rowing venues in the world.

The weather, sadly, was not the usual 28 degrees C, but more around 19 all week and the lake was sometimes rough and mostly lumpy because of launch wash that lingered around.

However, for my race the wind dropped, the sun came out briefly and I had a great race.

The whole trip, towing a trailer from Chester with 17 boats on it, was a great adventure in good company.

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September 08, 2017

Record number of boats at World Masters

I never saw this many boats at any rowing event before.

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