September 20, 2016

Another win at World Masters

We just jumped in and did it. We train in separate boats (which shows in our technique, which is not that pretty) but neither of us was going to let the other down. Total commitment and intelligent racing. We went off at 42 (not a crazy 44) and after 3 strokes, possibly 2, we were ahead and I said so to Di. After 10 strokes we had enough of a lead to calm down and pace ourselves, something we should have done last year in the quad at Hazewinkel. So a great win in a fast time.

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September 09, 2016

Win at World Masters Regatta

Well it was all worth it. Just won the nicest medal in my collection. It has a mermaid on it!


I had a good start and was ahead of the field after two or three very fast strokes so was able to peg it back a bit and conentrate on other things like getting my line.

In the video it looks like I am passing people but that is just the angle that the video was taken from. I was always ahead. I only had to stay ahead. Not that this was all that easy.

In a multilane race there is always somebody trying to beat somebody else and that keeps the pressure on from behind. There were two guys over on the far side who were at it hammer and tongs, trying to beat each other, the whole way down the course.

But I prevailed.

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September 02, 2016

Off to Copenhagen


Only 7 more boats to squeeze on when we get to Hollingworth Lake tomorrow on our way to Copenhagen via Hull & Rotterdam for the World Masters Regatta!

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