June 18, 2016

The MAGIC Factor

What was the MAGIC factor that led to this great result for me at the British Masters Rowing Championships?

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June 07, 2016

Rowing down the Thames

Christopher Gibaud is going to row down the whole length of the Thames in a TS515 Training Scull to raise money for charity! He's waiting for his boat to arrive from Auatralia and in the meantime he is occasionally using my demonstrator in which to practise.

You can follow his progress on his blog.

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Mud sucks!

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June 04, 2016

Sculling Academy now works on Tablets

I am pleased to announce that Sculling Academy™ videos now work on iPads and other mobile devices.

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If this is what has been holding you back then go now to Sculling Academy and check it out.

The first few videos are free so you get the idea of what it is all about and then I ask for a small amount for you to get access to the on-line foundation course, the Simple Sculling System™.

Even if you are an expert sculler, you need to keep reminding yourself of the basics and revisiting them. But to make great strides and understand sculling fully you need to enrol in Sculling Academy's core product, the "Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery™".

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