September 30, 2015

Racing myself! Video

The full video will be added as a bonus available to those who enrol in Sculling Academy's "Lazy Sculler's Guide to Mastery". Go to Sculling Academy to get into that.

To buy a TS515 Training Scull go to:

A new video about the Amazon opportunity was launched yesterday so check it out. And make sure you download the PDF that is available. The opportunity to sign up for this really thorough Amazon training (I know, I've been there) is time sensitive. It will all go away in a week or two and the oportunity will be lost. So I do recommend that you check it out now.

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September 28, 2015

News Flash

Click the following link to see the new video of the Catri 25 hydrofoiling trimaran sailing on the sea.

Learn more about the TS515 Training Scull at Yes you can still buy on-line. But like I said, most people prefer to chat with me and send money directly from their bank to mine.

Watch some taster videos at and then enrol in Sculling Academy or at the very least buy my book, How to Win - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success by clicking this 1st link for the Kindle Version and this 2nd link for the paperback.

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September 15, 2015

Video of Grosvenor Mixed E4x at Hazewinkel

This is not my best video nor my best sculling but it encapsulates some of the atmosphere at the very friendly and enjoyable World Masters Rowing Regatta at Hazewinkel, Belgium last weekend.

I managed a 2nd place in G singles and our quad came a disappointing 5th following a start that was absolutely awesome. It put us ahead of the field by 1/2 length in just 15 strokes but inevitably we paid the price later for not pacing ourselves well.

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September 06, 2015

World Masters Regatta

I am off to Hazewinkel, Belgium, on Tuesday 8th September, to compete in the World Masters Rowing Regatta. I'll be back in the office the following Tuesday.

At the regatta I shall be exhibiting the TS515 Training Scull.

TS515 in the sea - video.png

So do come and speak to me if you are interested in this boat for yourself or your club. I believe it is the best boat in the world for teaching and learning sculling.

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