April 27, 2015

A salutary tale

How to tie a TS515 training scull on top of your car combined with a salutary tale.

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April 22, 2015

Epic Race down Menai Straits

Last year I raced in the epic Castle to Castle Race from Beaumaris Castle to Caernarfon Castle down the Menai Straits and through the treacherous Swellies against a 20 knot wind with 30 knot gusts! Check out the video.

This year the race is to be held in May. I'll be otherwise engaged. Watch the video to the end and you may understand why!

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April 17, 2015

Order Now - TS515 Training Scull

I am about to order my next container of TS515 Training Sculls.

Normally I only order white ones, a la Henry Ford! But you can order a coloured one if you order now before the container is loaded.


This is without doubt the best rowing boat around for people who really would love to row but don't want the hassle of joining a rowing club (with all their rules) and for people who don't necessarily have any desire to race.

Schools and clubs also speak highly of this sculling boat for teaching novices and to satisfy their duty of care, especially with youngsters.

Rowing2 023-t.jpg

And they are tough. I often get reports of them being indestructable. They're not, of course. I did once have a customer drive over his polyethylene boat with a truck. - It did not survive!


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April 10, 2015

1st race Sculling in new crew

On Easter Monday I had my first race in a new crew, a 4x of accomplished scullers, that has been put together with the intention of winning at the World Masters Regatta in September.

We raced at Northwich Spring Head, just for a time only, to get some race experience together, as there was no opposition in our category. It was exciting to scull in a quad again at this popular event in North West England, as you will see in this tantalisingly short video clip.

I will reveal our progress through the year in Sculling Academy's Facebook page.

But if you want to know HOW I turn this crew, which is a bit rough around the edges at the moment, into a highly polished racing machine over the course of this year, then you need to enrol in Sculling Academy where I will be using this crew as an example to explain what you need to do to achieve excellence in a sculling crew.

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April 01, 2015

Sculling during Solar Eclipse

Equinox is past. Winter is over. Spring has sprung. The Head season is all but over.

The clocks are going forward. Evenings will be longer.

Time to go sculling!

Learn how at Sculling Academy

Then you can do something like this...

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