April 09, 2014

Rowing in crazy conditions

Last Saturday I raced the NEW Liteboat SPORT against boat stopping winds down the Menai Straits (between Anglesey and Wales) 12 miles (19km) from Beaumaris to Caernarfon. Check out the video above. Then BUY ONE through Ahoy-Boats.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 09:51 AM

April 04, 2014

Liteboat DOUBLE is born

Bang on time, as predicted, early in April 2014 following a short gestation, the NEW Liteboat DOUBLE has arrived on the scene. More pictures next week.

The first few production boats have already been sold so NOW is the time to act if you want one for the summer. CALL ME on 07985 043 981 to ORDER. Price 5,750, incl VAT, ex-Chester.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:18 PM

Racing along Menai Straits

It's where I learned to row, at Bangor University. So it is special for me to be able to row there again. But it's especially exciting to scull in a single through the Swellies for two reasons.

  • We didn't have any singles when I was at Bangor.

  • We were not allowed within 200m of the Telford suspension bridge, never mind going into the infamous Swellies!

  • Liteboat do make a coastal racing boat that is longer, slightly slimmer and 25% faster that the LiteSPORT that I shall be racing in tomorrow but whether you are interested in the LiteRACE, LiteSPORT, or the new LiteDOUBLE you will be able to see the quality if you come to Beaumaris tomorrow morning or Caernarfon tomorrow afternoon. Make contact with me on my mobile: 07985 043 981.

    Posted by Stephen Walker at 05:36 PM