March 29, 2014

Training for 19km race

Sculling training on River Dee in a LiteSPORT. Steve Walker, founder of Ahoy-Boats & Sculling Academy, sculls for 2 hours at rate 25 in preparation for racing 19km down the Menai Straits from Beaumaris Castle to Caernarfon Castle on Saturday 5th April.

Check out these other videos of the boats:

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March 27, 2014

Demo days

April 5th Beaumaris, Anglesey, 10 - noon before the Castle to Castle Race that ends in Caernarfon around 3pm. You can view the LiteSPORT either before or after I have participated in this epic event.

April 10th Runnymede, near Old Windsor. After 2pm as I have to drive down from Chester in the morning towing a trimaran but also bringing the Liteboat SPORT. I will also have the Astus Trimaran if that is convenient for you to look at it then.

April 12th Dartmouth, after lunch and before I race to Totnes in the Head of the Dart in the Liteboat SPORT. And after the race in Totnes, probably around 5pm.

April 13th Dartmouth, I'll be available to demo the Astus 20.2S trimaran or the Liteboat SPORT but clearly not both at the same time!

If you want to take advantage of any of these DEMO opportunities or if you want to come to Chester then please CALL ME on 07985 043 981.

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March 12, 2014

Liteboat on the sea

Do you want a boat that you can row easily and safely on the sea? This is it.

The NEW Liteboat is STABLE, LIGHT & EASY to row. Call me now on 07985 043 981 or click this link.

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March 07, 2014

Test of Liteboat in France

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I recently went to France to meet with the founder of Liteboat, Mathieu Bonnier, and we were very fortunate to have a beautiful day to try out two of his range of boats:
1. The LiteSPORT, the blue boat in this video and
2. The LiteFIRST, the white boat in the video.
Also there were Drs. Paul & Winny Burgers, the Dutch agents.

Neither Winny, nor my long suffering partner, Julie had ever rowed before and neither of them came to any harm!

But Paul made a profound observation about coaching one's spouse. Listen carefully! He will say zis only once.

If you want a demo of this excellent (sea worthy) boat then call me, Steve Walker, on 07985 043 981 or click here.

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