February 09, 2014

15% off TS515 during February

If you missed the January Offer, too bad. Sorry it's closed. The Australian Dollar rallied as I'd predicted. However, for the time being I can offer you 15% off the TS515 training scull.

ORDER HERE or telephone me on 07 985 043 981 or 01244 676188.

Ready to launch at Conniston Water If you want a red one or any other colour then ORDER NOW TODAY!

Usually I only import white boats but if you are quick enough then you might be able to get a coloured one like this above, photographed at Conniston Water. It is the only red one in the country!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 02:53 PM

Keeping your feet dry

Last week we had a massive spring tide and that presented me with an opportunity. Check out this Sculling Academy video.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:44 AM