November 12, 2013

Sculling Crash

If you enrol in Sculling Academy you'll get a frame by frame analysis of this sculling boat crash.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 09:59 PM

November 10, 2013

How to scull

Learn how to scull at Sculling Academy, my latest venture.

If you practise the wrong thing repeatedly you will get very good at doing the wrong thing! Better to start off with a clear idea of what you should be doing and to practise that.

So head along to Scullling Academy and you'll find a free video, the first of 4 free videos about sculling technique that I have produced to help you get started on the right track.

You can watch the same video about learning to scull on youtube.

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November 06, 2013

Sculling Academy launches today

Take your sculling to the next level. Wherever you are in your journey you can always do better, achieve more. Checkout Sculling Academy now.

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