August 30, 2013

Off to WORLD MASTER in Italy

I'm about to depart for Varese, Italy, towing a big trailer load of racing boats including my own single. I'll be racing on Friday 6th & Saturday 7th September. I'll be back on 12th.

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August 22, 2013

My New Book

Please BUY my new book.


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Don't worry if you do not have a Kindle. You can download a KINDLE APP and read it on your iPad or computer.

To get a flavour of the book and the SECRETS of SPORTS SUCCESS that I reveal in it I have prepared a series of 3 training videos for you. The first is about MINDSET. The 2nd is about FITNESS TRAINING & PHYSIOLOGY and how most people get this entirely wrong. The 3rd video is about IMPROVING SKILL and GOOD TECHNIQUE.

CLICK BELOW to get started.

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August 10, 2013

2 used Yoles for sale

I have two used Yoles for sale, one an immaculate polyethylene, Yole Club and the other a top of the range Yole Custom in British Racing Green. Check out the used boat section by clicking the tab above.

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