September 21, 2012

Steve Wins at World Masters

Funniest part is at the end when Rachel Chapman (in pink) finds out the result of this (over sixties) singles race at the World Masters. I'm sculling at about 33 and put in a couple of strokes at 36 when I perceive a threat from the Brasilian, Gilberto Gerhadt, (away to my right and out of shot - you can see his wake). He sculled in the Montreal Olympics in 1976 so I had been watching him throughout the race. The Norwegian, Øyvin Brøymer, on my left just beat him into third place but the race between the two of them meant I had to press on and work all the way to the finish.

If you are interested to know how I did this, given that I am only 65kg, then you need to read my book, "HOW TO WIN - The Sports Competitor's Guide to Success" that is now available from Amazon. And yes I did follow my own advice.

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September 20, 2012

My WinTech racing boat

Whilst I say in this video that I do not sell racing boats, actually at the moment I have in stock a lightly used WinTech single sculling boat. The customer who owned it has sadly died otherwise it would not be for sale. It is virtually mint condition and comes with a boat cover, a pair of trestles and a pair of stabiliser floats or pontoons, which you can use while you (or your kids) are learning. To buy this package new today would cost about £3,200.

The boat is lightweight men's size, for a 65-75kg crew weight, and is a "Competitor". This class of WinTech falls between the "International" that I own and the "Club Racer", which I owned last year and which is 30% heavier than the "International". So it is a competitive boat and, as it is only two years old and hardly used, it represents real value at £2,500 for the job lot.

Call me on 07985 043981 if you want to buy this boat. It is in Southampton at the moment.

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September 18, 2012

Used TS515 for sale

This is only the third training scull that has become available for sale second hand in six years! So if you want one and you cannot afford a new one this is you chance.

TS515 for sale

Check it out in the used boat section. Then call me urgently on 07985043981 to see if it still available.

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September 04, 2012

World Masters Regatta

I'm off to Duisburg in Germany tomorrow, Wednesday, to try to win two gold medals in my single scull in the over 55 and over 60 events at the World Masters Regatta. I'll be driving back on Monday.

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