April 20, 2012

Unused 2000 Yole Custom for sale

There is an unused 12 year old Yole Custom single for sale in the Netherlands. The owner has had knee problems ever since she was given it and the boat has never been on the water. Time for a new owner. That could be YOU!

It is for sale by tender as it is difficult to value a boat like this. It is in excellent condition as it has been stored indoors in a barn all this time. You can see for the pictures.

TENDER CLOSES at 12 noon on MONDAY 23rd April so BID NOW!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:08 PM

April 04, 2012

Feedback on video


Good stuff. This is just to say that I am hooked and have been since I got my skiff in August last year. I row virtually every day on my loch, and on a few miles of the River Spey, just ten minutes walk through the woods from my house. In winter I am the only boat in sight and I relish the fresh air and exercise in stunning scenery and wildlife ( I pass an osprey nest every day).

If any prospective purchaser of a skiff wants to see or try one I would be delighted to show it off, and/or to talk on the phone.

Best wishes

Peter Mackay
(owner of a Turbo II Classic)

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:56 PM

April 02, 2012

Wintech 70kg 1x SOLD

I have now sold my one year old Wintech single sculling boat in order to buy a better one. It is a 65kg - 75kg (crew weight) Club Racer and I have upgraded to a Wintech International with a smaller hull (55-65kg) that is more appropriate for my size. It is a durable hull made from Kevlar and Glass so will withstand shocks well and is therefore ideal for club use. I reckon there's 30 years life in this boat. I couldn't afford an International last year or I would have bought one then, as this is what I had before.

The max weight for a lightweight man in the single is 72.5kg so this is an optimum boat for a LW man but obviously ideal for most women too, especially with the flaired cockpit containing no shoulders to catch on the hips because the boat is fitted with a quick-release, aluminium wing rigger mounted above the stretcher. The carbon seat also has oval depressions in it instead of round holes, thus comfortably accommodating sitting bones that are wider apart in some individuals and closer together in others.

The design is extremely effective at keeping water out of the cockpit. Nothing ever comes over the aluminium wing rigger or over the breakwater in my experience and I have tested it in some horrible conditions. Klaus Filter has incorporated many innovations in this design; little things like tiny drain holes in the slides so the wheels of the seat do not roll in water when it rains; they all make a difference.

The boat has 6 years of the 7 year warranty left to run and is in exceptionally good condition, as, for most of the last year, I have been sculling in a quad or rowing in an eight. The boat is NOW SOLD.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:01 PM

Northwich Head

The sun shines on the righteous. What a glorious day it was yesterday at Northwich Spring Head! And didn't everybody enjoy the day all the more for that, at this excellent and well attended NW event.

I achieved my personal ambition of beating all my contemporaries from my own club, despite being the oldest and the lightest but I didn't win Masters F single sculls because the large, powerful and extremely talented George Perrin from Runcorn is now in my age group! He beat me by 24 sec. Dang! Well done George. Small consolation that I would have won the younger, Masters E, age group by 10 seconds!

However, I did pick up one of the newly designed and very attractively enamelled Northwich medals in the Grosvenor RC Masters D eight to add to my collection.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 02:52 PM