December 22, 2011

Icicle Race

Last Sunday the annual Icicle Race took place on the River Dee, kindly organised by Royal Chester Rowing Club with entry fees going to charity. It is not a very serious race. Mainly scratch crews assembled hastily on the day from those available. It is a head race mainly for eights and entirely from local clubs and schools in Chester.

The race is unusual in one respect. Normally in processional races the fastest crews start first and so the crews become more spread out as the race progresses. But in the Icicle Race the slower crews start first and so there is, shall we say, a coming together of boats at the finish as you can see from the following picture taken by Pete Abbott, a Grosvenor RC master, at Sandy Lane. I'm rowing at 3 in one of the eights.

After the event Grosvenor Rowing Club held its annual Sherry Party and a boat naming ceremony. Meanwhile Royal Chester held another Icicle Race just for juniors!

Last year it really was an Icicle Race as you can see below.

I took this photo from the cox's seat on the way up to the start. The next day the river Dee froze over!

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:11 AM

December 20, 2011

7.5% off TS515 till Christmas

TS515 training scull

If you haven't yet seen my upside down advertisement in Rowing and Regatta magazine then here is a link to it. And, yes, it was printed upside down deliberately.

Note that the offer of 7.5% discount, with the bonus of a FREE pair of cradles to support the boat when out of the water ENDS AT CHRISTMAS so ORDER NOW for delivery early in the new year.

And then have a merry Christmas contemplating the present you have just ordered.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:29 AM