March 31, 2011

60kg (Crew weight) Single Scull for sale

The weekend before last I won my last race in this excellent, red boat and now it is SOLD.

Steve Walker winning Masters D/E/F singles at Trafford Head Photo by Henry Law - Click image to enlarge.

This is the fastest boat I have ever owned. Designed by the great East German, Klaus Filter, who was the FISA materials commissioner for 20 years and who magnanimously never patented any of his designs but instead saw to it that they were available throughout the world in order to make racing as fair as possible. This boat was built in China by the Flying Eagle Company and marketed in the UK by Oarsport. It is the second one I have owned and I have just bought another Klaus Filter designed boat.

It is designed for a sculler of 50 - 60kg weight but my racing weight is 64kg and yet it has been excellent for me over the past 5 years. I have the rig set at its maximum height so a smaller person could set it lower.

Flying Eagle make their boats out of different materials according to how much you want to pay and how light and stiff you want the boat to be. This boat is an international specification with carbon and kevlar separated by honeycomb in the sandwich and is the FISA minimum weight of 14kg so it is a very responsive and exciting boat to scull.

It is now SOLD.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 04:14 PM

March 16, 2011

Two more wins for my squad

Last weekend at Runcorn Eights Head I raced twice and won two medals! First of all a Masters E quad, the same crew that very nearly won at the National Masters Regatta and at Henley Veterans Regatta in 2010. I was at bow, steering with my foot as usual.

The same Grosvenor RC E 4x winning the semi-final at Henley Veterans Regatta in 2010

We comfortably beat a younger but less experienced crew from Runcorn and then we raced in a Masters C eight with me in the cox's seat. We won that too.

The weather was unusually benign for this event with a southerly breeze but this did not prevent the water from being uncomfortable in a few places. Usually there is a raging head wind and very rough water so this year it was a treat.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 12:56 PM