February 20, 2010

Another win for my squad

Today I coxed the Grosvenor Masters D (over 50) eight that I have been coaching to a win at Runcorn Eights Head by just 0.3 sec over our local rivals Royal Chester Rowing Club and beating Runcorn by 5 seconds and the 'C' eight from Warrington by 8 seconds in elapsed time, which equated to about 20 second on handicap. They said we looked fantastic, a great compliment!

Sadly none of the other crews from Grosvenor Rowing Club won their events but they did put up good performances in their relative statuses.

Tomorrow I'm off to Valencia for the week but will be back in time to race at Trafford in an 8 and Trent Head in a quad next weekend. Happy days!

In the meantime I shall have my phone, +44 (0)7985 043 981, with me if you wish to ORDER a ROWING BOAT. No problem! So why not - ORDER NOW?

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:23 PM

February 09, 2010

First Wins of the new Decade

My masters squad at Grosvenor Rowing Club posted their first wins at Warrington Rowing Club's Head of the Mersey, a race run in two 1500m legs, one upstream and the other downstream. We won Vet C/D 4x (quad sculling) in a boat loaned to us by Warrington and Vet C/D 4+ even though we were actually a Vet E crew.

I was rowing at bow in the coxed four (borrowed from Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club), ably steered by 15 year old Daisy, whom we borrowed from Warrington Rowing Club.

Anyone would think we had no equipment at Grosvenor R.C. but the fact is they have been digging up the road outside our club and making it very difficult getting things like boats and trailers in and out.

So many thanks to our neighbouring clubs for helping us out.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 10:43 AM