July 25, 2009

Video of rowing boats

I'm off to France tomorrow and had hoped to return with some fresh video material of one or two of the VirusBoats rowing boats that I would then have uploaded to this site. HOWEVER, as I'll be sailing from L'Orient to Bordeux in the new VirusBoats V8 Catamaran for a regatta and then back again, it looks like I'll have too little time to record any rowing video.

BUT I've just discovered this video material from Vannes about the Yole , which has covered already much of what I wanted to do. Saved me a lot of trouble! :-)

Of course I'll still have my mobile phone with me and you can call me and leave a message or better still send me a text as I don't usually pick up when I'm at sea.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 06:25 PM