April 30, 2009

New Kataram

Here is the first picture of the new Kataram, a rowing (sculling) catamaran that utilises the same advanced sliding rigger arrangement as in the TurboSkiff.

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It is an improvement on the original kataram because it has longer floats so it is as fast as a TurboSkiff yet more stable than a yole.

The price is on the rowing boat price list.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 12:03 PM

April 15, 2009

Customer feedback

The latest feedback I have about the EDON TS515 training scull is from Jim Flood of Reading Rowing Club who wrote:

The boats have proved to be a great success - and in the words of our Junior Coach, "The best money the club has ever spent".

I have orders in the pipeline for 22 of the 28 boats that will be arriving at the end of May from Australia so if you want any of them then better place your order now as the first to confirm with payment will be the first to be served.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 03:51 PM