March 24, 2009

Time to order is NOW

What a fantastic weekend we've just had. The best weather for the Head of the River Race that I can remember for a long while. Last year the veteran's head was cancelled and the year before the main head was abandonded! This year the weather is better and with spring comes optimism.

The riggers for the next container load of TS515 training sculls are curretly being painted. Presently they will be put together with the boats, wrapped and put into the container ready for shipment from Freemantle. There will be 28 as usual. I already have sales and strong enquiries that will account for half this number so if you want to be sure of getting one for the spring, better ORDER NOW.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 11:25 AM

March 10, 2009

1st Training Scull on Windemere

I have received from Windermere a number of enquiries about rowing boats since the 10 knot speed limit was introduced there. Speed boats and water skiers have disappeared from the lake and now the lake is attractive for rowing when it is calm. Rowing in fairly fine boats with a low freeboard can happily coexist with sailing on the lake as, of course, it is never windy and calm at the same time. Usually the lake will be calm early in the morning and late in the evening.

The video shows just how easy it is to learn to scull when you have stabilisers under the outriggers.

Posted by Stephen Walker at 12:03 AM